All information that anyone requires to obtain a Non-Restricted and or Restricted P.A.L., is posted under the appropriate headings.

A few things to mention;





All our instructors are certified to teach the Canadian Firearms Safety Course and Test (CFSC), Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC) and Test. To verify that all of our instructors are certified please go to the Link page and go to the Firearms Safety Education Service of Ontario and check us out.

Note:  There are companies and individuals, not associated to the F.S.E.S.O., who advertise on line to provide you with Firearms Safety Training Course. These persons ARE NOT certified by the Chief Firearms Office of Ontario to teach and test the Canadian Firearms Safety Courses. You should ensure you are dealing with a Chief Firearms Office certified Firearms Instructor and Examiner before registering for any courses or examinations.  F.S.E.S.O Instructors are the only Firearms Safety Instructors approved by the Chief Firearms Office of Ontario to instruct or provide testing for these courses.