How do I sign up?

View are CFSC/CRFSC Dates, then contact us by calling;

416-817-4512 or 905-884-4781

E-mail us yrfirearms@hotmail.com

As we do not do bookings on line and you wish to send us an email, please put a phone number on the e-mail, so we can call you back to reserve your seat.


Bookings will require a deposit of $100.00 per/person. Payments can be completed through an E-Transfer at your on line banking service to yrfirearms@hotmail.com

After sending the e-transfer, You must send another e-mail to the same e-mail above with the following:

1. The date of course,

2. Course you are taking CFSC (Non-Restricted),

                                           CFRSC (Restricted), or

                                           CFRSC (Restricted 6 hour)

3. Name of all person/s that payment is for,

4. A contact number is required so we can call  you 3 or 4 days before the course date to remind you or if we needed to contact you.

5. When payment is received we will use this e-mail to confirm attendance and it will be your receipt of payment for the person/s on that e-mail.


All courses balance must be payable by "cash or cheque" on the day or night of registration.



Changes and/or cancellation to a confirmed course requires one (1)week notice (7 days) for changes.


No refunds or deposit will be provided to person failing to attend on their selected course dates. Once full payment is received during on site registration the day or night of the course no refund will be provided.

Should you have to leave during the course due to an emergency and/or illness you will have one (1) week (7 days) to book into an alternative course. Failing to schedule another course with the required time frame will result in loosing you course fee.

No refunds or deposit will be provided to person failing to attend on their selected course dates.


Course Manual are included in all course costs, each student is required to have a course manual for each course they are attending. Should you have a hard copy of the manual the course fee's will be adjusted accordingly. (Please note that electronic versions are not permitted).


All electronics devices such a Phones, I pads and Laptops are not permitted to used while in the class. Devices may be used during breaks, this will be reviewed during registration with the instructor.